GDH Makina


Motor Protection: Overload, overheating, mechanical interlock
Driver Protection: Overload, overheating, motor short circuit, low or high voltage, phase loss at motor
Machine Protection: Grounding connection is made to the driver, motor, power supply and machine
body with earthing cable.
Conveyor: Conveyor is hidden in a special chain sled. Pallet spacing and length are variable. It is covered
with chrome sheet.
Paper Flow: Single roll loading (maxi 800 mm). Multi-series roll can be changed. Healthy bobbin
breaking and smooth paper flow. It is controlled by photocell. It cuts the cutting line by controlling it
through the photocell.

Electrical Panel: Most modern electrical equipment and PLC system is used. 7 “color touch screen is
used on the control panel. The temperatures are on the touch screen. Heaters are controlled by SSR.
Control panel that provides automatic length by entering the bill section according to the desired
product type. The number of automatically packaged products is counted. In addition, the desired
number of products can be entered by entering the number of products.

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Movable control panel 1 pcs
Nonwoven pull rubber drum 4 pcs
Nonwoven Non-stop roll change piston 8 pcs
Automatic roll photocell control 8 pcs
Adjustable mold unit 8 pcs
Output band 1 pcs
Servo motors 1,5 kw x 3 Asenco Motor
PLC motion control system 1 pcs omron
Electronic wetting system 8 pcs
Cutting unit 1 pcs
Stainless solution tank 304 quality 1 pcs
Automatic safety control systems 1 pcs
Length of the machine 7000 mm
Width of the machine 1500 mm
Height of machine 2700 mm
Belt length 3000 mm
Weight of machine 2700 kg
Capacity of the machine 3240 – 3600 list/min
Tissue length range 100 – 220 mm
Max wipes width 300 mm
Wetting System Jet wetting
Finished product weight 150 – 800 gr
Wetting chamber with float 100 lt
Rollers of kestamide crushing 6 pcs


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