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GDH Stick packaging machine is a multiline  vertical form fill seal packaging  machine for granule stickpack,it is high capacity high configuration and stable working.It is vert popular used pharmaceutical,cemical and daily use product.

GDH Stick packaging machine operation is completely automatic system

granular products (sugar, salt, pepper, ground spices.)

food liquid or pastry products (oil, vinegar, ketchup, maionnaise, honey, etc.)

liquid or cream products (perfumes, lotions, creams, shampoo)

GDH Stick packaging machine is 2 year Guaranty

GDH machines produce  single  packages of free flowing products such as sugar, salt, coffee, pepper...

GDH machines can be 4lines,5 lines,6 lines and 10 lines.

Packaging machine turkey

GDH machines are  CE and TSE  certified.

All part Electrical system is SCHNEIDER.

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Weight of Bags Package Width Package Length Production Capacity Packaging Roll Width Dimentions Weight Packing Material Electrical İnformation Air Requirement Electrical materials Air materials Stainless quality to be use
1-5 gr./ 5-10 gr. 18 mm. 170 mm. maximum 300 stick/min. 500 stick/max. 200mm.-400mm. 110cm.*150cm.*160cm. 350 Kg. Aliminium foil,OPP+OPP,
2,5KW/hour/380V./50Hz. 5 Bar  150Lt./min.



Touch Screen:SIEMENS,GMT

Main Engine:Yılmaz Reducer

Photosell: SICK

Piston: FESTO-SMC 316-304


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Hello i like this making kan you thelmi haw mach this making

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I want to know the product's price because I want to establish acompany

Bouslham mouhe

Hello Can you give me information about this machine

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