GDH Makina

GDH MAKINA 4 side sealed sachet packing machine is made to pack free flowing products as sugar,powder products, black pepper in 4 side sealed sachets.

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Weight of Bags Machine Line Package Width Package Length Production Capacity Packaging Roll Width Dimentions Weight Packing Material Electrical İnformation Air Requirement Electrical materials Air materials Stainless quality to be use
1Gr.-100 Gr 1-2-3-4-5 Line 15mm.-60 mm. 185 mm. maximum 35 pcs./min. 150 pcs./max 370mm.-400mm. 110cm.*145cm.*175cm. 420 Kg. Aliminium foil,OPP+OPP,
2,5 KW/hour/380V./50Hz. 5 Bar  220Lt./min.



Touch Screen:Siemens,GMT

Main Engine:Yılmaz Reducer

Photosell: SICK

Piston: FESTO-SMC 316-304



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